Tyler Holt

Tyler Holt

 CPT, FNS, UFE Pro Fitness Model

Tyler was not always in the weight room, in fact, for most of his life you could have found him on a basketball court. His athletic days started in elementary school when he first started playing basketball and continued all the way through high school where he thought he wanted to go play college basketball. Things changed for Tyler when he decided that he was sick of being a skinny guy and wanted to make a big change in his life. As he started to make major changes in his body, Tyler decided that he wanted to help people achieve their own goals. He then became a trainer at the age of 19 and found passion where he never would have imagined he would have before. Tyler stepped on stage for the first time at the same age, taking third place, quickly realizing that this is what he wanted to do. After a few more years of ups and downs, he accomplished his own goal of becoming a Pro Fitness Model at age 22. Tyler started YOU vs. YOU to help as many people as he can achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will get them to their fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

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My Commitment to You!

  • To conduct ourselves with professionalism through our conduct, respect for our clients, and the industry 
  • To provide safe goal plans with the appropriate fitness and nutrition progression modifications 
  • To build a relationship based on trust 
  • To equip you with the knowledge, skills, support, motivation and educational resources to enable you to engage and make informed decisions about your ongoing lifestyle modifications
  • To encourage you through your journey 
  • To maintain credentials through continuing education and provide the latest research and fitness/nutritional trends to our clients
  • To have fun in all that we do
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