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Success stories

katy walburn

Fitness has always been a part of my life; I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and was a competitive swimmer for 16 years before turning my focus to Personal Training and Corporate Wellness. I've always had the knowledge of what I was supposed to do to look and feel my best, however I, just like most people, was great at making excuses for myself.  When I started training with Jeremy in November of 2013, I was the heaviest I had ever been, and was coincidentally training for my wedding (set for June 2014). I was 27% body fat and weighed 167 lbs. I'm 5'8", so I had the benefit of using my height to hide my excess weight (I also had a tendency of convincing myself that I could eat the same at 27 that I did at 18 with little repercussions... boy was I wrong!). Jeremy immediately provided me with the 2 main elements I was missing in my self training - he held me accountable, and he made fitness fun again. With WEEKLY weigh-ins, daily food diary check-ins, and an inspiring weekly fitness regime, Jeremy completely transformed my mind set and got me back on track. I have an addictive personality, therefore I am an "all or nothing" person. Jeremy knew exactly how to use that to our advantage - he provided me with a strict daily diet, a variety of homework workout options that I could tailor based on how I was feeling that day (so there was no excuse to skip a workout), and made our sessions something that I was always excited for. Almost 10 months later, I maintain between 152-15 5lbs and around 15-16% body fat, and feel AMAZING. Although I am not as perfect with my diet now as I was going into my wedding in June, and I still have goals of leaning out a little more, I utilize Jeremy's founding fundamentals to maintain my loss. Because of Jeremy, I have learned just how sensitive my body can be to specific food groups, how to eat in a non-controlled environment (ex: eating out), how to make compromises for cheat-foods that won't kill my stomach the next day, and most importantly, how to have fun with goals.
‚ÄčThank you, Jeremy! You've been a LIFESAVER!  
 I had already been lifting for many years and had not seen the results that I have desired. I had a trainer before Jeremy who was excellent but what I needed was someone who wanted not only to invest in my fitness goals but my life. The first time Jeremy and I trained together he told me what I would have to do in order to obtain the goals in my fitness career, this set the foundation for our current program. Jeremy took my knowledge that I already had and deepened it with his knowledge and not only trained me but mentored me. I feel this style of training is what makes Jeremy a great PERSONAL trainer. He has not only taken my knowledge and increased it but also my body. We have done a mixture of strength and bodybuilding programs and in a year I have gained more muscle and lost more fat than I could have ever imagined. I started at 23% body fat in September at 275 lbs by April I had reached 7% body fat at 214lbs. Jeremy puts not only thought into his programming but also his heart and that is what has made me stick with him. His approach as a coach is different than any other and even on the hard days I know that I am able to push through because we have a bigger goal to reach and that is what keeps me focused. Jeremy has helped set the foundation of my future with bodybuilding and strength and I know that this is only the beginning.

sean cowart

My passion for lifting weights started when I was involved in athletics while attending high school. I had always tried to find new ways to increase my athletic performance and get stronger and bigger. While working as a personal trainer, I wanted to compete in a Men's Physique competition. I had believed that I had the tools necessary to complete my goal of increased muscle strength and size. Despite my credentials and passion, I couldn't push myself past my plateaus and I had no idea where to start to prepare for a competition. Meeting Jeremy was probably one of the best thing's to have happened to me. Jeremy designed me a fitness and nutrition program tailor fit for my body and pushed me beyond my limits than I ever thought possible. With determination, discipline and help from Jeremy my body transformed before my eyes and I saw a physique that I wanted since I was in high school. Jeremy inspired me in more ways than one. He also inspired me to become a better and more successful personal trainer by applying some of his strategies with my own clients. I've been training with Jeremy for a year now and I plan on continuing my fitness journey with him and competing in more physique competition's. When you have a trainer like Jeremy at your side who is so supportive and inspiring, you can't help but to think that your dreams and aspirations of a better body and a healthier more fulfilling life at your reach.

janelle martel

Being a fitness professional myself I understand the importance of accountability and hard work. This is exactly why I went to Jeremy, a friend, coworker, and also my nutrition coach to help me take things to the next level. Jeremy created a completely dialed in nutrition plan to help me prep for my first photo shoot. My program was tailored exactly for my wants and needs, even my gluten intolerance! Jeremy monitored my progress closely and made any adjustments he needed to in order to keep me on track! I can't thank him enough for all his help and guidance! 

Jud broadhurst

All one has to do to take the measure of Jeremy Jones as a trainer and a person is to look to the numbers of people who have followed him over the years, and continue to seek him out for his advice and expertise.   As for me, I've known Jeremy casually for a couple of years, just seeing him around the gym as I worked out both by myself, and with other trainers.  I sought him out in February 2014 because of his expertise in a new form of training I was interested in.  At this point, I should say that I have a chronic, progressive, Neuro-Muscular Disability that I have battled with since high school.  Prior to that, I was an elite athlete, and a compulsive gym rat.  Since that time, doctors have continually told me what I had to look forward to losing (in terms of muscle strength, functional movement, and mobility), and what I would never be able to gain back.  I've spent the last 20+ years doing my best to prove them wrong, and continue to do what I wanted to do.  In doing this, I have continued to look for any new supplement, technique, and/or person to help me in this process, as well as continuing to research biomechanics (my minor in college was kinesiology).  That brought me to my current relationship with Jeremy.  He listened to my story, and not only had confidence that he could help me on my continuing journey, but COMMITTED himself to our combined process.  He has continued to develop, assess, re-develop, and re-assess ever evolving programs that have resulted in progressions that even I had little faith were possible in the six months we have been together.  With Jeremy's help, faith, and expertise, I've been able to gain strength in muscles and perform movements that I not only have not been able to do for over a decade, but that my doctors have told me I would never be able to do again.  With each of my new achievements, sometimes I think he is more excited about my success/progress than I am!  We have continued to collaborate and find new ways to attack traditional exercises and movements, and work "outside the box," to activate previously under-used, neglected, and damaged muscle groups.  Through all of this, he has listened to me, accepted my ideas, and has been willing to try things that may not have fit into the "traditional" ideas of physical training.  He has been constantly willing to research, revise and adapt his methods to fit me and my biomechanics and abilities as an INDIVIDUAL; not just use a generic "cookie-cutter" approach to my training.  In addition to the functional aspects of my training, as a certified nutritionist, Jeremy has helped teach me more about the foods I eat, what my body needs to respond, and has set up different diet plans to correspond with my training.  As a result, I have been able to re-shape my physique drastically.  While only adding 10 pounds to my overall starting weight, I have changed the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat mass in ways I would have never thought possible!  Through this I have been able to reduce my body fat percentage to under 13% for the first time since high school.  Just these changes alone would have been enough to satisfy me hiring Jeremy as my trainer, but with him, there were added benefits; he truly became a friend.  He inspires, EXPECTS progress and success, and makes working out FUN.  His commitment, investment, sense of humor, sincerity, honesty, dedication, knowledge, willingness and desire to continually learn, and honest feeling are all attributes that make Jeremy the trainer that he is, and set him apart from everyone else in his field.As someone who has been involved in athletics, gyms, relationships with trainers and physical therapists, and various forms of rehabilitation since I was three years old, I cannot recommend Jeremy Jones as a trainer enough; and I count myself lucky to have him as my trainer and more importantly, my friend.--- Dr. Jud Broadhurst, PsyD

cole fritz

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