Janelle Martell

Janelle Martell: 

Sports Performance and Functional Training

I grew up here in Colorado and graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a bachelors in Kinesiology Fitness and Health Promotion. My passion for fitness started when I was in high school, growing up being overweight was a really difficult reality to live in, up until recently I have still struggled with the side effects from my youth. When I got to college I decided that I wanted to channel all this energy into helping other people deal with this same situation. 

Growing up as an athlete made my situation a little more unique, my competitive drive didn't always work In My favor, I was comparing myself to other people as my "competition" verse seeing the "me" I was yesterday and trying to beat her. Having a past like this has taught me that there is so much more to fitness than lifting and diet, It's about feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally. I want to help others see the "total package" fitness can bring to their life like it did to mine. 
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