Cole Fritz

Cole Fritz

212 Performance Gym Cole Fritz
Cole’s passion for interest in fitness and training has been etched into the core of his life from an early age. As an overweight athlete the majority of his life, hard work and discipline has been one of the main claims to fame inside the weight room and in the sporting arena. Having been involved in football and wrestling in high school excelling due off season training in the weight room. 

Once college came around he was recruited to play Rugby for WSCU in Gunnison. Using the skills and work ethic learned in high school Cole became a starter as a freshman and an integral part of the teams forward pack. After a year of rugby, Cole decided that his best option would be to focus on his personal goals in the gym.

It was not until Junior year in college finally dropped large amounts of weight using a fad diet that caused major loss in muscle mass and strength. Starting at 310lbs at his heaviest he reached 230lbs in less than 6 months. As a result he learned the hard way of why nutrition and programming are so important to the fitness life style. 

He was later recruited Junior year to participate on the schools track and field team as a thrower. His NCAA Division II career was short lived, not finding fulfillment through the new sport and desiring to maintain focus on his lifting goals. 

Once graduated from college Cole came to Denver for some new challenges and a career, finding the both in 212 Performance owner in Jeremy Jones. Coles potential as a trainer and power athlete was finally brought out through two years of hard work. Performing at first NASA Powerlifting meet Cole learned again the importance of diet and nutrition for weight classes and the effects it has one ones overall performance, even though he placed in his weight class. 

Coles focus in the fitness industry is to create a strong and independent client who is able to reach and maintain any goals inside and outside the gym. His passion for self improvement, positivity, and goofiness have helped him to create a positive influence in many peoples lives in his blossoming career as a trainer. 

Education and Certifications

  • BA in Sociology w/ Criminal Justice emphasis with minor in psychology
  • USA Weightlifting Coach Level 1
  • NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • AED/CPR Certified

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