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Before & after's

Jordan hill

I got my first exposure to strength training a couple years ago through the Group X classes at 24 Hour Fitness, like boot camps and Body Pump.  I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to get into weightlifting more seriously, but was a little lost on how to go about it.  I used online resources and friends/family with experience to establish a basic knowledge of strength training and tried designing my own plan, but was getting frustrated with the results (or lack thereof) and didn’t have a clear direction of where I was going and what my fitness goals were.  I also felt uncomfortable with some of the free weights and equipment, and knew I wasn’t utilizing everything that was out there to help with my fitness goals.  It wasn’t until Jeremy approached me about considering a physique competition that I ever actually considered such a transformation could be possible for me.  I have been training with Jeremy since September 2013, and in the last 6 months I have made substantial strength gains and put on several pounds of lean muscle mass, all while losing body fat.  Under Jeremy’s guidance, I also successfully competed in my first figure competition in April 2014, where I took 2nd place in the Women’s Novice Figure Class C and 4th place in the Women’s Open Class D.  In addition to designing my weight training program, Jeremy has helped me tremendously with my nutrition.  Through our training sessions these last 6 months I have learned so much about how the body works, the importance of a healthy and consistent diet, and I can now say that I feel comfortable using all the equipment, free weights, and machines at the gym.  Personal training with Jeremy has been one of the best investments I have made in my health.  I can honestly say I feel better and stronger than I have at any other point in my life. Thanks to Jeremy’s guidance, support, and his belief in me, I have been able to achieve things I never imagined were possible.  He not only guided me through the training and dieting process to prepare for my figure competition, but he provided so much support on an emotional and mental level as well.  He knows how to get into my head when I need that extra push or motivation, but also understands the struggles of a life filled with poor body image and knows how to provide the encouragement, positivity, and support to overcome those struggles.  I am excited to get started on my new fitness goals with Jeremy, because I can only imagine how many more great things we can accomplish now that I know the sky is the limit! ‚Äč

When I started training at 24 Hour Fitness, I had no clear-cut fitness goals. Like a lot of guys, I had lifted weights through college and had a basic knowledge of resistance training, but it wasn't until I started training with Jeremy that I was able to make the eye-opening progress I was looking for. Jeremy saw the potential in me and helped me go from over 20% body fat to a NPC competition-level bodybuilder. I experienced gains in strength and lean muscle mass, while losing fat. With his knowledge of weight training, nutrition, posing, and overall fitness he coached me to first place in Men's Novice Bodybuilding at The Rocky Mountain bodybuilding Championship in 2012 and second place in Men's Open. I attribute much of thesuccess I have had with Jeremy to his caring personality. He makes a deepconnection with each of his clients and wants to see us succeed both inside andoutside the gym, in all aspects of our lives. This connection and trustingrelationship helped push me through the sweat and tears, the good days and baddays, the highs and lows of reaching my goals. We continue to look ahead as wetrain for the Northern Colorado Bodybuilding Championships in April 2014. This success story is definitely to be continued...
Before Picture: April 2012, 215 lbs, 23% bodyfat After Picture: October 2012, 175 lbs, 5% bodyfat 

doug wilson

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