Allison Hynes

Allison Hynes

I have been an athlete my entire life; gymnastics, volleyball, softball, cheerleading. Then I graduated high school and began my college years at the University of Northern Colorado. I focused so much on school and my social scene that before I knew it, I was home for winter break and went from a healthy 140lbs, to 170lbs. 
 When I transferred down to Denver, I began working at 24 Hour Fitness and through friends of work, I was given an invitation to a local bodybuilding competition from one of the trainers who was competing. I arrived early enough to see all the women standing on stage in their sparkling posing suits, toned, tanned, and very feminine. It was like a moth to a flame.

 My first competition was the fall of 2008. I had followed my diets, workouts, and cardio to every word my trainer gave me. And it paid off in the form of a 1st place trophy for my height class. Since then, I have competed if not once, but twice a year. Once that competition bug bites you, nothing beats that feeling of standing on stage after pushing yourself so hard, that you amaze yourself with your success. 

 There’s no better feeling as a coach to watch my client on stage, at their wedding, pictures of them on vacation, or getting a text telling me that they fit into a clothing size they never though they would. Seeing them with confidence they never knew they had, is a reward in itself, because I know how they felt when they first came to me. Everyone has a story and nobody is perfect, but we are all perfectly imperfect.

 My training style is a proactive approach. No two clients have the same diets or workouts, and I like to be able to monitor my athlete’s progress weekly to tune and dial their achievements accordingly. I also know how much it costs to compete, and I have been taken advantage of by coaches in the past. I have made sure that my athletes have never experienced such stresses. 

Being able to pass my knowledge and my experience onto competitors and clientele in an atmosphere like 212 Performance, is a dream come true for any trainer. I am grateful for this opportunity to get to be a part of this family of trainers, and look forward to getting to work with amazing clients with drive, dedication, and motivation to push themselves. Contact me today today 303-961-3158

Upcoming Competition:
  • September 4-5, 2015- NPC Desert Storm (Mesa, AZ)
  • NOVEMBER 7, 2015: NPC Sacramento Championships (Sacramento, CA)

Competition History

  • NPC Axis Labs Natural 2008 – 1st place Open D Class
  • NPC Northern Championships 2009 – 2nd place Open E Class
  • NPC Colorado State Championships 2010 – 3rd place Open E Class
  • AFPA Kansas City Championships 2011 – 1st place Open and Novice 5’7+
  • NPC San Diego Championships 2012 – 1st place Open D Class
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